Training: Honing

The honing process remains one of the most complex and misunderstood processes in manufacturing today. Solve Metrology provides on site training to help our honing customers better understand, design, and control their honing processes.

Our courses are tailored to design engineers, manufacturing engineers, and production personnel, covering all aspects of the honing process - abrasives, coolant, tooling, gauging, machine, work piece and inspection. We provide training in a class room environment as well as on the shop floor

Solve Metrology has been helping manufacturers understand honing for over 20 years. We have provided training for numerous customers over a diverse range of industries and regularly author and present technical papers for professional organizations such as SME, ASME, and STLE.

Plateau Honing

Plateau honing is a special honing process designed to produce a smooth, low friction surface with relatively deep valleys for oil retention. The concept is much like a machine tool way with oil grooves. This type of surface is ideal for many types of bearing surfaces but brings complications to all aspects of the honing process - from product design to abrasive selection and tool design to implementation and inspection. Solve Metrology has a training course design specifically to improve you understating of Plateau Honing

Some of our partner manufacturers include:

  • Will plateau honing work on my product?
  • What surface finish parameters should we use?
  • How do we used the Rk parameters?
  • How do we control the plateau honing process?

Multi-Step Honing

Many modern high volume honing process utilize multiple honing steps to optimize process efficiency, using course abrasives to perform the majority of the metal removal and using finer abrasives to achieve the final size, geometry, and surface finish. The relationship between these steps is often a source of confusion resulting in long cycle times and poor quality

Our Basics Honing course covers multi-step honing and how to develop a stock removal schedule for your process. We can work with your operators to put the theory into practice on the shop floor

  • How do we Implement SPC?
  • What is brush honing?
  • Where are the deep scratches coming from?
  • Single stroke honing (Microsize) verses conventional honing.
  • Implementation of diamond or cBN abrasives
  • How can I convert to water based coolant?
  • What is the correct abrasive for my application?
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